Nila lighting instruments have proven themselves on set for DPs like Roberto Schaefer, ASC, Fred Goodich, ASC, and Larry Fong. Want to know why these cinematographers chose Nila? Just look at the results.

The following film productions all used Nila lights.  Shouldn't you?

Think Like a Man, 2012, Larry Blanford - DP

Dragon Day, 2011, Matt Patterson - DP

Hatched, 2011, Fred Goodich, ASC - DP

Mid-Life Gangster, 2011, Fred Goodich, ASC - DP

Don't Fall Asleep, 2010, Ric Griffith - DP

Angels & Demons, 2009, Salvatore Totino, ASC - DP

The Hangover, 2009, Lawrence Sher - DP

Jennifer's Body, 2009, M. David Mullen - DP

Race to Witch Mountain, 2009, Greg Gardiner - DP

Watchmen, 2009, Larry Fong - DP

Quantum of Solace, 2008, Roberto Schaefer, ASC - DP

and many more!