Nila light fixtures have been used to great advantage by news-gathering organizations and TV productions around the globe. Want to know why top industry professionals like CNN choose Nila? Ease of use, low power draw, and consistent color top their list.

The following TV productions and studios all use Nila lights.  Shouldn't you?

Country Music Television Hot 20 (click for detailed case study)

Morongo Casino Commercial (click for detailed case study)

French TV Studios (click for detailed case study)

HUD TV Studio (click for detailed case study)

CNN, Jim Moorman - Lighting Director

C.S.I. (Vegas) - Christian Sebaldt, ASC - DP

Don't Vote PSAs - David Sanger - Producer

TV Globo - TV studio, Rio de Janerio

Into the Blackness - Attika music video

Bad News - Kristen Toedtman music video

84,000 Prathammakun - Katana Movie Town televison production

Marseille TV Studio - Euro light System installation for French TV

Tahiti TV Studio - Euro Light System installation for French TV

Fox on the Lot - reality TV series

and many more!